Gamber Growers was set up as a co-operative in the late 70's allowing 15 farmers to market their potatoes through one outlet rather than competing with one another.

In 1993 the largest grower and the co-op manager - Patrick Lewis bought the assets of the co-operative and injected capital into valued added equipment and packed potatoes for 17 years until 2010 when the acreage of packing potatoes had dropped significantly within Herefordshire and growers were looking for an alternate market as the land was no longer suitable due to having been overdone with potatoes and no longer giving the desired skin finish. 

In 2009 Gamber started supplying the crisping market in conjuction with three leading Herefordshire farmers forming a "grower group" called Processing Potato Growers Ltd and by 2019 the company works on behalf nineteen farmers marketing around 35,000t of potatoes - the majority to "probably" the best crisp manufacture in the world.

In 2014 Rob Evans who had 28 years of potato experience within Herefordshire joined Gamber to maintain the relationships with suppliers and customers along with looking for "any" potential new opportunities within the potato sector.

One of the unique points about the Gamber model is the fact that they have very close relationship with all of the growers this includes attending meetings with the customers to discuss prices, problems and future bespoke requirements.

Customers and their visitors are always welcomed and encouraged on to the farms in order to understand the cost, hard work and effort put in to growing potatoes.

Washing stores and boxes annually is a good practice in order to avoid disease which Gamber are able to assist with if required.

Gamber are always looking for new growers and customers.

Gamber also offers chipping and ware potatoes.

Please give us a call - 01432806000

Rob - 07977026210

Patrick - 07970099551



New House Farm Barn, Grafton Lane, Hereford, HR2 8BL