Gamber offers a diverse range of services to the agricultural industry, crisp manufacturers, hauliers, caterers, vegetable wholesalers and much more besides.

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality, award-winning service to our wide range of loyal customers and creating employment opportunities at our Marches border country base in south Herefordshire.

Gamber, named after the brook which flows through our Herefordshire farms, began as a potato  co-operative. We have diversified over the years and now we offer fully processed and packed vegetables, as well as traditional potatoes in bags.  

One of our current specialities is in taking the hard and time-consuming work out of food events of any size – from big shows down to the most intimate dinner party – by offering freshly-peeled vegetables to caterers.

Gamber is the proud supplier of Herefordshire potatoes to the makers of "probably" the world’s finest crisps.

But our expertise isn't confined to vegetable growing and processing: we buy and sell poultry litter throughout the country and are involved in managing anaerobic digestion plants.

Our diverse cleaning services are invaluable to poultry producers, farmers in general, the equine world (yards and stables),  tennis courts, driveways and solar industry - you name it, we will wash it: challenge us!

Gamber Haulage has an extensive fleet of vehicles, including tautliners, flats, fridges and bulk tippers. We are fully equipped to haul any weight or size, any distance.

We are Herbert Machinery agents for the West Midlands and also provide expert HGV vehicle maintenance and servicing. Another essential service we offer to businesses and the general public is a caravan and self-storage facility.

Gamber is always on the lookout for new business opportunities and challenges, and welcomes approaches from industry and potential customers. In whatever we do, quality is our watchword, and customer satisfaction of utmost importance. We were proud to be the recipient of the Royal Three Counties Agricultural Retailer of the Year Award in 2014.

Patrick Lewis receiving The Royal Three Counties Show Agricultural Contractor Of the Year Award in 2014

Little Pengethley Farm, Peterstow, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire HR9 6NB